Study Week before Study Week

Nothing special here, just I’m feel want to write something, but lately I’m so busy to accomplish my final project before it’s dead line… 5 of them in straight 5 days, started last Thursday. along this period I have less time online in internet. maybe others user look my username is still login but the reality is I’m login it but left it and continue with my work after a couple of minutes. stay up until 5am. Same with others, study for next test and final exam, also meeting.

look like more study than in actual study week

I’m predicted this will be end by end of next Friday, since all my most late dead line is this Wednesday. So along this week will be no update here. I’m have a few thing want to write here but still searching the small free time in this busy period frame time.

actually Study Week will start next week on Saturday, but usually student use that time to went somewhere, enjoy, take a vacation somewhere or just back to their homeland… and the last 2 day of study week they will get into line of study week purposed.


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