Just want to share what usually I instal inside my laptop

This post idea came from during my time to format back my little brother PC… inside of that nice computer is a lot of junk total of 200GB. that annoyed me when I want to format back by using windows 7.

Due of they 2 are short tempered, they smashed, shoot and handled with ‘care’ that computer. so the motherboard are damaged by those action. getting worse, i rely my depart time to campus on that computer. so if it complete at 3pm, so I back to campus from my house at 3pm. actually it finished around 4:30pm, so arrive in my campus around 8:30pm.

Their request is want to all software I have installed inside my laptop are install in their PC. they sound that like copy and paste work in period if 30 minutes and.. finish? thats wrong, it takes around 6 hours… included determine which valuable, backup it, get the proper driver, format it and install all of this below.

Instead PC at home… at this moment, I just have ordinary normal specification of laptop and not too powerful graphic card but it affordable to have it as a student. with AMD Turion X2, 4GB Gaming RAM, 500GB internal hard disc and NVidia 8200M G.

*and we begin a copy and paste post

Internet and Network
— downloader
—- orbit downloader
—- uTorrent

–Internet Plug-In and Misc
—- install flash player 10 active x
—- java

— internet utility
—- firefox
—- google chrome
—- google earth
—- lolifox
—- opera
—- YM

— Audio & Video Edited Software
—- sony sound forge
—- sony vegas
—- sony acid
—- vocaloid2

— codec
—- K-Lite
—- divx
—- storm codec

—- xvid
— converter
—- all to avi
—- imTOO MPEG Encoder
—- mediacoder
—- real anime

— graphic edited software
—- adobe photoshop master collection (photoshop, illustration and etc..)
—- macromedia
—- inkspace

— media player
—- cyberlink power DVD
—- gom player
—- quick time
—- real player
—- VLC
—- winamp

Office, Education, Development
— AutoCAD
— microsoft office
— visual basic

— antivir (avira)

— fonts collection
— HWMonitor
— magic ISO
— Tune UP

— 7z
— Ahead Nero
— anime list
— sony erricsson
— winrar
— quick note plus

my installation are more to graphic user, install it at all will take 2 hours something
that not included game where actually I have playing flight simulator x and several add on accompanied with it.
to set it until i satisfied, it will take around 1 hours to finish. this game also requested by my little brother.. huh…

this night will be a long sleeping time, driving, police roadblock and computer stuff…


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