Have you heared about lolifox? …or maybe you already have it

Actually I want to searching the most suitable anime list manager or others stuff for cataloged my messy collection, but in that early morning I found others software, not anime bla bla manager, but lolifox… dragged by interest in moe-moe thing, so i try out this software

lolifox is another Mozilla-based multi tab internet browser based on Mozilla 2.0. this lolifox will function as like others web browser but has advantages in browsing. it will offer extra features where cannot be find in normal firefox and it comes with own predefined bookmark. usually it will be blank at this tab but by lolifox, which are also shown on the bookmarks toolbar. Those are the lolifox home page (temporarily closed till the next version comes out), latest headlines feeds, anime torrent sites feeds, and links to Hongfire, DaTorrents and BoxTorrents, AniDB, ANN and AnimeNFO and Antenna, a blog about anime.


this lolifox default starting page is http://start.lolifox.com/ where offer 7 search engine which can be select by clicking arrow button beside search button. that’s search engine include google, yahoo, MSN, also anime site like Animesuki, Tokyo Toshokan, HongFire and DaTorrent.

multiple choice of internet search engine

Beside of loli fox figure inside main page, lolifox also will offer feature that present in firefox 2.0 and additional of anime link but that only 2.0, not as latest as firefox 3.xxxx or higher (in future) right now. hope the notice of closing till next version comes out will be true… I mean until some period of time, they will release new version of lolifox.

lolifox setup

like to use it? download lolifox here:


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