Otaku – campus life issue

Not sure what title should be given…lol. Many anime enthusiasm are already know what otaku is, and issue belonging to this. Basically otaku mean an individual that obsessed to anime, manga and video games. But as a normal otaku sometime will be accept by others or person around that community but how about obsessed being an otaku… or just very obsessed to sub category of otaku.

In terms inside my community especially in my campus, otaku that living there are not very obsessed like others place or country but some of them quite make me worry, always thinking how they can bring up negative view to non non otaku. Basically otaku are in language meaning is obsessed to something but if not be controlled well will ruin themselves.

Campus life not only for student study but learn to how they cooperate with others people in their entire life in future, that is various where we can having some leisure, chat or maybe meet with beloved in campus also will make people interact each others. Even university have their program for their student but ignored by them unless non academic program like concert or else… even sometime they not attend.

Hikikomori issues are come to my place mostly not based on others but otaku related. Also it not so serious… but quite… just has their supplement for support their life for 2-3 days and went buy it again when it finished and back. They will have heavy time taking game or online until morning and live like bat, wakeup back around 10 – 11 am and repeat the sequence like yesterday, and repeat again… going out just for having some food or going to toilet… don’t ask me what they doing inside there… haha very suspicious.

For critical one, they were having game along the semester except holiday or when they went to their home. Getting worse, skipping class, assignment and some are dismissed at the end of semester. Mostly they are obsessed gamers and applying the same method of hikikomori sometime and lost.

These trends are viewed by entire student in campus, and accepted as normal to them having enjoyment until end. This trend also taken by anime lover where they will finished all one series if can in one hour or day. I also like that but not sit for it in long period. Just let my bored or tension time to go, I will continue with my work.

But for some noob, they take it frequently and sometime forget to around them. Also with their timetable, keep skipping class and assignment. Meet the member if we visited them or having some peaceful in restroom or eat. Otaku based mainly for entertainment purposed, but for me where sometime went to my member room, we will looking as some stupid sitting for a long time and waiting to bomb by worse university result or in any words is hopeless after this.

Coincided, all unmanaged gamed based obsessed, online and anime enthusiasms get worse mark on final examination. For who is high pick-up brained will win in this situation. But for some idiot where just follow others member and not determine his/her limitation or capability in study will drag into this corruption. Some people that I meet in this situation not be seen on next semester, either they quit or failed in stated course.

As me where anime and internet obsession are will give false impression to who are not know what my situation are. In certain time, who are already obsessed also give same impression to me or encourage me to be like them.

For me is no. just have inside of otaku region are just fine, and I will increase my addicted to this matter if I can do it well and balanced with my life. Not put aside my purposed being in university and having too much fun and regret later.


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