Do you satisfy with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ?

Last week shown the most tensioned week which 4 day non-stop work and assignment, my laptop are running over this 4 days with high temperature and CPU usage. Last week are quite hot too and running out my energy and willing to continue my work. So at end of queue task which at 11 am of Friday, my laptop are used for my classmate to pass up their assignment before I burn it into disc. What happen is their virus are move into my laptop and make my laptop unable to boot, owner of that thumb drive also having same problem, luckily it happen after they passed that disc to my lecture.

So I remind back that my Windows 7 Ultimate that given by my non resident member which practical in her degree right now. I take it and try new system by installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64… I never install 64-bit program but it quite interesting to try it.

In my imagination that will become big deal and it’s true, they are still accepted x32 @ x86 beside x64 software. A few of my ordinary software have updated and downloaded back for x64, of course driver included there, I need x64 driver for Windows 7.

what I get in score, i’m lacking in graphic so i get this score.

my task manager and HWMonitor during idle time

I’m not an expert in computer system field but that are quite easy to use compared to vista in my old time… even I’m using 64 bit OS now. My first predict is it will be lagging and stuck many way, and I just go ahead installing it because want to experience it before reinstall with 32 system where I more familiar with it. But that predict are far out from what actually happen there. The performance are quite good even in x64, fast as Vista but in some part, they faster. Not only that, the temperature also not too high as when I used vista before.

Frequent asking question to me: Is it ok? So far that’s running ok without any big problem. That quite interesting learning new interfaces and creates new scenery in my room life. Boot process is faster and until now I have not experienced any blue screen, but about hang in some part inside my laptop are normal to me, even using XP, it because this laptop is quite long with me, as can be expected this machine thorough heavy duty work for 2 years. last day I have tested by playing a heavy game in the same time doing my work like before ans still running well. But if you open the task manager you will find kernel graph are running 50% of your processing; example: if processing usage is 80%, my kernel will be 40%… always, I don’t know what kernel is but sometime scary looking at that.

By RAM usage, there still remain same in my laptop; maybe I have installed many software and game right now.

But for sure, maybe I will stick with this OS. Better using it than have Vista inside my laptop, generate massive heat and heat up my warm room.


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