Neko Anime List – most time buyer this week

Uhh, last year banner… I will fixed it after this Chinese New Year

For this week task, arrange back all messy collection that came from many source of my storage, look like 3 hard disc have uncatalogued anime which total is near 23 series, 154 GB

As always, each title takes at least 10 minutes to complete, mostly they take mo longer for re-check it again to ensure no duplication in cataloging process. Last night being the most longer time taken since started 2 days ago by near 6 hours to accomplish… actually that’s only half of collection inside my laptop, the rest will continue today, external 1 and 2? maybe soon before Chinese New Year.

how they look like… this came from my monitor #2, first monitor used to open internet to find my collection future information

maybe somebody asking why I do such crazy work about it… but the simple answer is I want to make my collection easy to approach using simple application such Microsoft Excel and in web page form. others side, I can only placed my collection inside 1 TB hard disc after catalog it first. by that, I can freely back my hard disc that already contain massive item.

talking about anime list, I have already create one page for it inside this blog but not updated yet. maybe after I finished this list project, I will contribute back to recognize that page.


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