What the damn worker, turtle are more faster

sup! as the last post stated, i don’t have internet connection since last week because I have closed that line, my housemate have register on new internet provider. should be more easier, by using wireless modem, we can shared internet connection in one line in same time, not like my broadband which one internet connection in one time. but after 1 week of registration…

good news is:
my billing cost are reduced due of closed of my internet line

bad news is:
1. new internet provider are not installed until now and still waiting, note: they are more cheaper and affordable than last one
2. assignment are rapidly increase and this time, all are required to have internet line
3. I’m BOREEEEDDDDD!!!!! give me internet line!! I have payed to you

I hope those slothful contractor provider installed my line more faster, I want to surfing internet!!, mostly in updating my blog… ohh, the nearest cyber cafe from my house right now is 1.5km, damn nice right? hahahuh

update: Yeah!!! I get my line right now…


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