My ‘happiness’ tasks, became Class Represent and losing internet line

Like others university student, I’m about 2 week have started my semester 5 in final year. Happy, nostalgic, meet my friend after 1 month and half semester break…

And those list are collected since started of last week until yesterday… first final project came on first day on Monday on first week after started. What should I control this time is, my laziness level… Gaikoku Neko, ganbate!!

Another coincided, this semester being my 5th time as a class represent. From first semester until now people always ask and push me to become as class represent. Not only student but lecturer also said that same thing. Became class represent or short name is class rep, it will stolen some amount of concentration in many kind of situation. I can’t avoid it.

During class, assignment even precious time in toilet, somebody will disturb to asking academic or non academic things to me. Become worse like last 2 year, effected by absences of 23 students, I have lectured by my lecture in subway train via 27 minutes call, 250km away during holiday. What become hotter is, there should not be class at that day, that “mr wakaka” thread us like on-call doctor where when call arrive, we should be right there. As the result, my cellphone battery drains out rapidly, leave 10% power to survive XD.

In others side, my broadband internet are blocked due of unpaid bill that should been on last Wednesday. So on that day until yesterday I have lost connection to my virtual world in internet. Huh, feel like hell… haha, I used internet not just for anime affairs purposed only but also in coursed and class registration of my university where they made it online. I can bet more than 60% of my assignments are used internet especially in accessed to database.

Hopefully I can continue with my hobby started Saturday since my housemate will install wireless internet tomorrow… but still… my broadband will unused for a month waiting new bill.


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