Awesome vehicles plate alphabet – end 2009

Happy New Year and today will be rest day after driving 2,000km around peninsular that end on 31 December 2009. So as we know, long traveler will see more scenery and various cultures across it. I don’t care those things because… I’m driving, arrive at that place, have some rest, eat or sleep, few hours after that, drive again… so tired until kill my intention to take the picture myself. However I have subbed my camera to my cousin. 2 hours left, she sleeps… uhh.

Along the journey, there is some awesome thing that maybe nobody doesn’t care about it like the driver. For me it quite interesting. So I take those images along driving 2,000 km. it’s not scenery, its vehicles plate number.

The most important things is, those image are original one, I have not edited content except censored some part.

AGM – Annual Greeting Meeting

TAG – tag, tag for post, for luggage, material, etc

TAB – no comment

TAR – cover our road with this thing, that road will become black

TV – Television… who don’t know what TV is?

WTH – What The Hell… what’s wrong dude

WTF – What The ****!!! damn, you know it right? XD


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