Nyan Koi! (TV) – EP 12, final episode: Will Heaven Wait?

Finally after not writing preview for a week, lately I’m become so lazy, tired after driving thousand of kilometer during family vacation. I have skipped a few episodes and directly jump into final episode. They aired last week and I only write up this after a week this story on aired… how lazy I am… OMG hahaha~.

This final episode is about Junpei getting infected by cursed seriously by get a pair of nekomimi or cat ears. Those ears appear in previous episode… huh, I’m in lazy mood. Haha, and getting worse due his allergy to cat. That twin detected Junpei still inside post office and find that he in restroom in weak body. They detect Junpei location by GPS, thanks to Kotone where secretly set up GPS equipment at Junpei Shoes.

bla bla bla, you healed from the cursed~ wait, uhh that cat ears are awesome

He becomes alright after cover the cat ears. Go keep away from others people know about it, he hides himself under shrine floor and those twins takeover about it. To make all people believe he not cursed anymore, they managed to out with Kaede and planned to vandalize the maneki neko. So that twins came and heal the cursed on Junpei. End. Just that simple? And Kaede believe it 100%.

After that, unfortunately Nagi-sempai came and grabs cover on Junpei head and showing his cat ears. Luckily they assumed those pair of cat ears are one way of Junpei want to wear in shopping district’s masquerade content. He run away and became cat after a moment far away from shopping district. Kotone and Akari find his clothes and shoes, realize that he already become a cat. First person meet Junpei in cat form is Kaede. Also transform back to human body nakedly after heal from neko-jizo cursed also in front of Kaede.

before and after heal from cursed

This story end here and I will miss them, I’m still hope this story release their second season. For me these stories are very good and fulfill my interest. That just hope… the truth is unknown.

Yeah, nice neck brace, holding head from collapse


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