Jyukai – Hikari (Light), Fate/Stay Night ending theme #2

Fate/Stay Night – Ending Theme #2 for Episode 14
Artist: Jyukai

Jyukai – Hikari is one of my favorite song, frequently listen this every day. This song is for ending theme episode 14 in Fate/Stay Night when this song compiled with Archer… I’m not remembering well since that anime not here right now, but quite touching me during this ending theme appear in episode 14.

Just want to share it, this is not my translation because I am bad with it, somebody in internet was translate it.

Sources: http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=7744&show=2, http://byakuya.wordpress.com/2006/11/24/hikari/
For mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?qkiamyznmmn

Jyukai – Hikari (Light)
kanji, romanji, english

今の僕は どんな風に言い訳をすればいいのだろう
隠し切れない弱さ感じ 闇雲につまずく度に
あの日のキミという存在が この体を締め付ける

Ano hi sorezore ayunda michi ni
Ima no boku wa donna fuu ni iiwake wo sureba ii no darou
Kakushi kirenai yowasa kanji yamikumo ni tsumazuku tabi ni
Ano hi no KIMI to iu sonzai ga kono karada wo shimetsukeru

On that day, we walked our separate ways
I wonder what kind of excuses should I come up with now
I sense weakness which could not be concealed every time I stumble blindly
Your existence on that day strangles this body

揺るぎない自分、未来を誓って キミのその強い眼差しを信じて
旅立った空、孤独にも似た自由 引き返すことはしたくないだけ

Yuruginai jibun mirai wo chikatte KIMI no sono tsuyoi manazashi wo shinjite
Tabidatta sora kodoku ni mo nita jiyuu hikikaesu koto wa shitakunai dake

With my firm self, I swear to the future that I will believe in those strong eyes of yours
The skies I have traveled, they have a freedom which is similar to solitude. I only don’t want to turn back

素直じゃない言葉だとか 強がりな後姿とか
それ故きっとお互い様に 飲み込んだ想いもあった
気持ちのまま不安を口に出来るほど 強くなくて

Omoikaeseba yoku niteita ne
Sunao ja nai kotoba dato ka tsuyogari na ushiro sugata to ka
Sore yue kitto otagaisama ni nomikonda omoi mo atta
Kimochi no mama fuan wo kuchi ni dekiru hodo tsuyoku nakute

If you recall, we were very alike, right?
Whether it was our untruthful words or our retreating figures that pretended to be brave
I’m sure the circumstances are the same for the both of us. We had our mutual emotions too
I’m not strong enough to tell you about my feelings of insecurity

掴みたい夢、願いの狭間で 自問自答に埋もれてゆくばかり
今のキミならこんな僕のことを 微笑む瞳で映してくれるかい?

Tsukamitai yume negai no hazama de jimonjitou ni umoreteyuku bakari
Ima no KIMI nara konna boku no koto wo hohoemu hitomi de utsushite kureru k

The dream I want to grasp, I was always being buried by my own answers to my questions within the interval of wishes
If it is your present self, will I be reflected in your happy eyes?

汚れてしまうこともあるよ 流される時間もあるよ
だけどそう きっと間違いじゃないから ・・・そう 信じては

Kegareteshimau koto mo aru yo nagasareru jikan mo aru yo
Dakedo sou kitto machigai ja nai kara Sou shinjite wa

There are things which will become tainted and time that flows on
But that’s right, because it’s definitely not a mistake …Yes, I’ll believe that

果てのない理想、描いた世界を 辿って行けばそこにはあの頃と
変わらずに在ったキミの輝きに ほら 何もかもが報われてゆくよ
迷い続けた旅路の途中に 後悔のカケラで傷を負ったけど
探し続けた答えは今ここに 小さなその手が握っていたよ・・・

Hate no nai risou egaita sekai wo tadotte yukeba soko ni wa ano goro to
Kawarazu ni atta KIMI no kagayaki ni hora nanimokamo ga mukuwareteyuku yo
Mayoi tsuzuketa tabiji no tochuu ni koukai no KAKERA de kizu wo otta kedo
Sagashi tsuzuketa kotae wa ima koko ni chiisa na sono te ga nigitteita yo

An eternal dream, if I keep on tracing the painted world,
I will find those times and your radiance there which existed without changing. See, you will be rewarded everything
In the middle of a continuously bewildering journey, I bore my wounds within the fragments of regret but
The answers I kept on searching for is here now, and I held onto your small hand…


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