By bus or flight? Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru

Most people from Kuala Lumpur go to Johor Bahru by own transport or most popular among student; bus. Some of them using train to there and mostly the transport are used are on the ground, by sea… I not have experience yet. But how about went to Johor Bahru by using flight?

That way I have used twice and quite nice, fast, relax and no traffic jam. For test it, I have started at KL Sentral, like Puduraya, that place are easy to access and most time I go to Kuala Lumpur, I will go there for changing commuter or for lunch.

Others strong reason is, I used Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight on 5:20pm for this travel and going to KLIA using KLIA Express. Their station are inside KL Sentral and to get more easier, they also provide MAS check in counter for departure purpose before board the train. This time I started by check in at KL Sentral and go to KLIA using that train. Boarding at KL Sentral should be done by 2 hours before departure time on flight ticket.

Get inside KLIA express in 2 minutes as I late… rushing to enter this train, not many image can be take

Arrived at KLIA 30 minutes later, go to top level at main terminal building and just go to domestic departure gate. If you nuts, you can through international departure gate and somebody will welcome you there lol. Now I have around 50 minutes free activity before boarding. KLIA is not too large for domestic departure passenger, but keep aware with time; I’m using around 10 minutes to walk from main terminal building to the gates. During gap time, I can go to have lunch, restroom or else. Some airport shops give expensive price due high tax that they pay on. For lunch I more prefer to any franchise shop like KFC or others, actually that only placed where I can eat peacefully, even crowded with people.

After settled such things, go to departure hall and give the boarding pass on the gate before boarding. Flight around 45 minutes and I have enjoyed my flight with a glass of orange juice and a small pack of nuts. I appreciate it well because I have paid IT. Usually anything that my own pay will take it preciously more than if that item is given from somebody moreover it’s free… haha it depend on individual. Another habit, along my life boarding on flight, I will get the seat near or next the windows. If I travel in group mostly in family, I will fight against my little brother to get that seat. I like to look outside, even in bus, car, and motorcycle.

boarding into aircraft and seat next the windows

Reason why i choose to seat next windows, I like to look outside like this view:


Simpang Renggam from air

Arrive at Sultan Ismail a.k.a Senai Airport after 45 minutes, walk to arrival hall, take my luggage and go to passenter intake area to get the bus. But I’m not go to Johor Bahru City Center, I will drop at bus stop at my residential area and take taxi to my home.



Ok, now I will calculate the cost of this kind of travel:

By Flight
1. Check-in at KL Sentral
5 min
2. KLIA Express = MYR 35
28 min
3. KUL-JHB (MAS economy class) = MYR 79 <– depend
45 min + 1 hours 15 min (move around airport)
4. Bus to Johor Bahru = MYR 8
30 min + 20 min (from gate to bus, and waiting there)
5. Taxi to my House = MYR 4
5 min
TOTAL = MYR 126, 3 hours 28 minutes

By bus
1. Puduraya to Johor Bahru MYR 31.20 <– depend
5 hours
2. Taxi to my House = MYR 4
5 min
TOTAL = MYR 35.20, 5 hours 5 min

GAP= MYR 90.80 for 1 hour 37 minutes

For faster travel, usually we went by flight but there also have pro and cons, most cons are on budget. To Johor Bahru 1 hour 37 minutes faster than land way will cost MYR 90.80 and that is quite expensive. It look luxury but you’ll keep walking, stop, walking, boarding, then arrive. 6 hours in bus are quite long but maybe you just sit and relax or sleep until you reach your destination.gate A9

Frankly I take this flight as leisure way for changing the mood and as reward for some event like before final exam or after hard work on something. As a student, I cannot take it frequently due the cost that will blow up my wallet and think more than twice for take it.

But if you having good wealth, try this way to back to your hometown! You will get something different.


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