Between 1 TB and 244 MB Hard Disc, is there any different?

Somebody ask me if nowadays we are in TB (Terabytes) glory age, how about hard disc in old time like late 80’s like the shape, size, capacity available, and other. I’m not hard disc expert here but own one of my own precious hard discs that in some part of them, it more precious than my 1 TB hard disc.

That hard disc named given is Maxtor 244MB, and the age is… my member scolded me “don’t fool me!”, my classmate in campus said “are you missing misspell something… like it should be GB not MB”. No, it’s true, no spelling error, they exist! Maxtor 244MB, everything change when they looks that hard disc front of their eyes when I bring it to them. or you can look below here

there is the hard disc, left image is Maxtor 244MB, right image is Seagate 1 TB

look more closely, is it right?

the old one (1) using IDE and new one (2) using SATA

Back to that hard disc, if based on last owner computer owner, he assumed as the age is 22 years old. I guess it like bulk size, somebody said like DVD ROM size, is it true? Maybe yes but that size I have is 3.5”, like nowadays hard disc. How small is it? Standard CD is 700 MB, that hard disc is 244 MB, hard Disc 1 TB is 1,000,202 MB.

Want to make it as secondary hard disc?

It pretty annoying if I using this hard disc instead 1 TB that already working and hold large amount of my anime storage + J-drama + KO drama and backup. But in historical aspect, it’s too precious, being my display item on shelf, amazingly, still function well even that hard disc age are older than me!

Today we will be proud when we have big storage like “I using 1.5 TB right now” but in next our old time, maybe 1 or 2 even 3 TB hard disc today will be present as joke like “is it 2 TB exist?”


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