Laziness, happy damn day… lol

Having long day meeting drained up my energy, start on 3pm until 5 o’clock, continued back at 10pm until early 2 am. Unexpected… but I have predicted that since last day on campus, my final exam is quite suck. Those make me down in despair… haha. Fighting with others student to get in server that already super busy until 4am and the result is… yes, very depressing… now I have running out mood to do anything others than sleep.

Aaaaaaaahhhh….. I’m Happy!, I’m Happy!! x 16… and say it again until your despair disappear

BUT believe me that mood just for half an hour only, it end after watching some ecchi… damn, useless pervert lol. How you can just forget that final damn exam result just by doing that? Others side, it’s important to get in mood back, and not let myself descend into despair, not mean we can forget that mistake but we must go ahead, not face back to the past, make the best next time.

Not all things from tonight can be forgotten, especially meeting result. That’s Important!. As a project leader, it’s quite stupid to forget tasks instruction that you give to working group. The task is, search at least 10 any kind of supplier that can me drag into my event next year. At first impression of my committee, they all are half dead searching for computer supplier, for 2 months they make mistake about that, what I mean is, searching all kind of entrepreneurship business including computer, just 2 of computer supplier are enough.

So, continue with nosebleed thing, before back to sleep


One comment on “Laziness, happy damn day… lol

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