Anime Week 2009 Part 1 – Flight simulator game and anime fusion together and crack my time and my energy and bla… bla… until end

97 episode per week look like simple thing to do but it’s big deal for person like me where have average 7 episode per day and balance time is on internet and sleep

When I watching anime, sometime I forgot what anime I watched before it. Last 3 year, to prevent it, I have made some personal timetable beside school and final exam timetable. After established it my member even I laugh every time I saw that timetable… how obsess am I in anime. During that time I never know how important is it and after exam, I throw it back. Entering campus life mean busier than school days where even our food or bed managed our self right? So start from that I have create some note about what anime I watch before and which episode should be continued.

Today I are in semester 4 and the next year is last year diploma, moreover there’s waiting most ‘best’ work or assignment to do with ‘happy’ face and damn busy year. Before I’m entering ‘happy’ year, I was make some recognize for my collection. Not only my material and note for next year, it’s also included organizing my anime collection also what have I watched before, same issued as last 3 year.

After settled the important work, I move my view to my anime collection and what queued next. Last 3 year during my secondary school, there only have 1 or 2 anime average 7 episodes queued to watch. So now, I have to complete the queued of my anime in estimate 97 episodes of 27 series to go. It’s still growing and not included on-air series like Nyan Koi and Kampfer. This recover anime episode that have watched is for ensure no one left and not bothering me next time where more new series entering my collection.

Technology that used to note it, early my otaku season, I only used A4 paper with pen to record it. Nowadays, with my life style is all in portable and quick move, I recorded it in my laptop and half in internet. Because of my diligent, I just take new series without finished it first. So they have crowded inside my mind and say “this series are on hold, there have some ongoing, bla… bla… bla…” and keep take new series without realize it.

Prevent from missing it, I have stated one week special for anime show and part time as hikikomori in purposed to this week for finished my queue anime. For fulfill it my game time also effected and now I can only play Flight Simulator where they have autopilot in large aircraft and can be carefree for few hour. It also being as my bait for make my time tightened on something and not fall in sleep during early morning… even that sim game is bored sometime.

even my game time used for watch anime… today turn is Prism Ark. Last night I have used 3 hours for Ah! My Goddess in the same way. Luckily I have used additional monitor for my laptop.

Ok next flight is… heavy 747-400 Narita to Los Angeles… around 10 hours included preparation, takeoff and landing on destination. Then should it capable to cover 27++ episode, prepare for coffee, junk food and something else OR anime schedule and my plane go ahead and crash somewhere. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And it will continuously until finished what left behind, maybe last at middle of next week or if I was lucky, it will go on until register day on early January 2010.


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