Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 8 – The Blazing Private Lesson Runner

Another random cat, Micchi, came to Junpei house with Kotone and Akari in the same time both twin are meet the Junpei parent. For this time, that cat request how to catch the sparrow. Just that problem? So better ask Tama how about that because this is cat affair that not well known by human. But as duty of cursed man, in any way he must help Micchi. Oh what the barrier to that cat is, Micchi is fat cat where low in stamina. So for catching the sparrow are pretty impossible with his body right now.

what the hell are you doing, bastard!!

training, after that leave it

First step, Junpei and Micchi have jogging for the purpose to increase the stamina. In the middle of training with that cat, Junpei meet up with Kaede and ask Micchi to hide behind the bush. But as a result, they all with Nagi going somewhere else and leave him until dark come. The next morning, he meets with Junpei and have jog together like yesterday. For second time the training unfortunately disturbed by Kaede with being there for helping Judo club. So this time, Micchi constancy want to revenge back from what Junpei makes him suffer. Climb the school wall and directly to girl changing room and steal Kaede bra and place it into Junpei bag.

That morning during asking help from Junpei, Kaede lent her handkerchief to him for wipe away his sweat. Junpei bring back for wash it as thank you to Kaede… from wash until ironing it and going to school after finishing it. Before going to home, he give back her handkerchief from his bag but after that Junpei hand right now hanged something that pink in color owned by Kaede OMG LOL. If I being as Junpei at that time, I will die by losing my pride.

innocently; here is your ‘handkerchief’

Losing both his pride and Kaede handkerchief bothering her mind right now but anything solve by next day after meet up with Micchi and admit that he responsible to such thing happen yesterday. Junpei was awake from his mistake by not payed attention to that cat and start progressive training for Micchi. At the end he now has great body and good stamina. From that point Micchi have confident to confess with her beloved girl cat… those training are just for confess.

if you interested in, I will give mine to you right now

Misunderstanding with everyone solved by one of Junpei classmate says he saw one cat bring something from girl changing room to boy changing room.


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