Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 7 – Wait Until It’s Getting Dark

School Trip seems like enjoyable, but for Junpei even relaxation time it not excluded from his task where come about by the curse. For this time he went to Kyoto under the school trip. Deliver the cat in the luggage from home and preserve it from knowing by others are first task in beginning. Look like it near exposed by the post-woman where saw the luggage moving and meow…

Mission 1: Look at the left, bring up this furry black grey thing named Masa to Kyoto!! Don’t worry; we add more luggages, more heavy, more burdens and more problems to you.

Along the trip he constantly had disappeared from his school trip group. The cat that he deliver from home was separates his ability that related with the curse making Junpei popular among the cat there. So all over the place he went, the cat at that area will reach him for the request.

The Junpei’s Tribe – cats is everywhere

For boys, this trip are perfect with stalking activity in bathroom, when men and woman bath are divided only by bamboo wall, this are big opportunities to young blood… LOL. Remember the cat that Junpei feed sardine to them? They give direction to others hole at that wall where nobody stand there but unfortunately the wall collapse when Junpei start stalk there.

huhu… nosebleed~

Ichinose clan main house? In Kyoto?

This trip also will be the best time to hanging out with his lover, Kaede, where Kana will be support from the behind, waiting for the best time for these couple together. They went many places in Kyoto also unfortunately to the yakuza’s daughter, Nagi where her main house is in Kyoto…

If I was alone with…


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