Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 6 – Milk & Bitter & Sugar & Spice

For this episode, Junpei was meeting up with twin tail girl, Akari that is underclassmen who are daughter to the monk. That twin tail girls also have a sister, Kotone and both of them are twin. During the crush, Kaede also being there and hear they talking about Neko-Jizo.

Kotone seems to be the more mature one of the pair, but she actually had kept a fantasy diary on Junpei before and had stalked him daily. Kotone was first seen when she gave Junpei a love letter, while he mistook her for her twin Akari. About the curse, Akari can see the spirit and knows Junpei was cursed at her first seen of him. They are known and not be worried for the reason that they have spell to engage it other but strong enough to defend others.

Kotone’s fantasy diary about Junpei

nice guest, let’s celebrate with having red rice tonight… both twins are so moe, it poisoned me

Until this episode Junpei was solved 20 cat-problem and that achievement are so low for the twin and saying better going to die of it cause of very slow progress. Ohh, they also have another female cat named Noir where are in one roof with Tama but their relation are getting bad. It caused by monk are taking Tama as monk favorite also receive the luxury rather than Noir.

During the process to repair those two cat relation, Junpei take walk with them and in the same time meet with Kaede with her family dog. Hear the two conversations, Tama and Noir fighting and want to hear what Kaede say, Junpei was confius which one must be get to hear of. He scolded both of the cats and unfortunately misunderstands Kaede. At the end, he explains without complicating it to Kaede in the park after flogged with his friend and Kaede dogs.

Yeah~, what a beautiful day…


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