Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 5 – Times Square…

lover-lover drink >_<

Jumpei was invited by Nagi to amusement park where that place is under Ichinose family business. Nagi passed the ticket to Junpei and Kaede, and another unwanted person named Kanako. The main idea is to bring up this couple for dating with all strategy are already plan with those yakuza that handle that amusement park. With Kanako that being there, it will be little problem to make Junpei and Kaede together but still alright.

all workers insiede is yakuza group, very good camouflages, nobody notice that

Kaede still don’t mention what purpose she doing there others than for fun, but Junpei was got it earlier. Because she is so slow, Nagi have slow talk with Kaede and understand what task she has here. At that moment Kaede know that Junpei are in love with her. Kanako are start jaleous about that but inside in her heart, the answer for that feeling are still unknown. Along the day, Nagi was seeking the best shot for those couple by using her cell phone camera like during them in hugging or kissing position. It looks like good end day in amusement park where they all are satisfy except Kanako.

good snap shot… I’m so happy with that

The next day, Kanako have some chat with Kaede in the class and they still remember clearly what happen last day. That time Kanako start thinking to give tolerant about let Kaede hanging out with Junpei for her sake. Next question from Kaede, will a boy hug a girl without care who she is? because I have saw that. Killer question that high potential have done and maybe refer to Junpei, Kanako and Nagi give some snack to him before school end.

“Yeah… thanks”, actually it is dog food

On the way, Junpei meet shrine daughter with black cat. Surprisingly she know about Junpei cursed even he didn’t tell anybody about that.


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