Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 4 – A Beautiful Person

Early morning as usual at class, putting the book under the table and… something below there, there is letter that fairytale and feminine style, it is love letter!, opened it in the toilet and read the content, so this letter is from… Ichinose Nagi?

Forget it… Just throw and pump that thing into toilet bowl

Nagi waiting for duel until he caught cold and collapse in Junpei classroom during meet with him; it is more to mouth-fight, then she collapse. Kaede that went there that time surprised her senior was in the floor. They bring it to Ichinose house in rainy day and discover that Ichinose Clan house is actually is yakuza house… as the thanks for send Nagi home, her grandpa invite them to stay for waiting to rain stop and take bath for avoid from getting cold. Kanako are half dead scary but opposed to Mizuno where fan of Yakuza stuff.

Junpei was called to Nagi room for some chat with her, for a long time he addressed Nagi as a man but in fact she is women. Depressed from rejected by first time confess with the answer “I’m not gay”, she change attitude to be more masculine and reject all girlish thing.


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