Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 3 – What Is Your Name?

This is wrong direction, Chizuru!

Episode 3 is about post man… no, it’s Mochizuki Chizuru, part time mail women that in the same time is college student. She is bad in sense of direction and end by lost as a result… also pedophile. So Junpei was asked by Chizuru to help her for deliver the letter, yeah, man heart will easily dilute by any girl request. But thanks to Nyamsus and the gang, he not just helped that women, but also be request with many cat along their way.

Walking with girl who pedophile, sometime it’s a little bit ‘scary’ for girl or being opportunities to boy… that post women frequently make Junpei as ‘victim’ by her addict to pedophile habit. He also surround by cat with request from each of them. So he must cover his secret from known by her.

The last letter left to send, he was unlucky during searching last receiver where meet with the people that he knows like his classmate, Kanako and Suzu, run away from them to avoid being gossip about him with that mail women in the school. The last person he meets is Mizuno with her family dogs… in the same time saw Junpei was hugged and his faced on that women breast and threads him like kids. So she just ran away without knowing the truth, as we know, Kaede are quite slow in this such thing.

Wooooff!!…. look for something?

second part is about how Junpei and Mizuno crushed on the school… it’s quite funny how the way they two meet up, sit on same class and fall in love without known by Mizuno.


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