Nyan Koi (TV) – Episode 1 – The Ugly Cat and the Cursed Highschooler

In this episode, Jumpei is already cursed and able to understand what cat talking about. Early morning he was disturbed by Nyamsus, his family cat where wake him from good dream also have breakfast too with his cat lover family. His family makes fun of Junpei’s allergy during breakfast with Nyamsus.

Junpei family with their cat. His sister remind me to Ayumu Nishizawa from Hayate no Gotoku

There have some flash back where show how Junpei hit the empty can and hit the statue Neko-Jizo (guardian deity of cats). After that incident he can communicate with cat around them. To further her knowledge about the statue and not telling about his curse by broken it, he meet Keizou Kirishima, Buddhist monk in the temple where in the cat deity dwells for further information (quite long information until evening) During explanations by the monk, Jumpei meet with Nyamsus that want to meet others cat in that template, Tama. They also explain the implication and effect of cursed to Jumpei and telling that he must fulfill 100 wishes from cats. If not, he will turn to cat by himself. Hearing about that, he will imagine how he transforms into cat and die by his allergy.

With full spirit explained about that neko-jizo and history… for a long period and weird costum, it will be pretty annoying.

First task, he must save the cat that violence by one woman at his resident. Before started, Junpei went to template for searching the monk, but no one there. Second place is library… I don’t know are Junpei find what he searching about that curse inside there… after some period, Junpei is heading to Sun Road for buying what his sister message before and meet Mizuno that buy Bride of the Yakuza’s DVD there. During walking she unfortunately hit the Yakuza (actually the monk that dressed like yakuza during back from cabaret club), avoid from discover if Jumpei hitting him, that ‘yakuza’ just run away from Jumpei.

Mizuho Kaede, this kawai and moe girl are fan of yakuza… yes, anything related with it

Back to the mission, Junpei at last find who the violent among those cats and unexpectedly, that person is Kaede itself! She baits the cat with tuna… I guess according to the can that her holds, catch it and play like playing with dog so that cat are suffer with that action. In additional, that habit occurs because she is adorned with cat.

Set the trap and…………………… CAPTURE!

Mission accomplish, happily starting the next day like other normal student, and meet with Nyamsus… He still can understand what Nyamsus talking and the good news is, he has 99 tasks left to go to disengage the curse.


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