Nyan Koi! (TV) – Cat cursed on cat allergy man…

This anime are release in fall 2009, director by Keiichiro Kawaguchi (seems like I have hear this name before) with Anime International Company (AIC) studio and still broadcast in Japan. I have watched a few of them and fall into it… of course because I’m also cat’s lover

This story about Jumpei Kosaka that in second-year high school student where allergy to cat and dislike to them. Even his family loves to them and own Nyamsus, ill-tempered cat. Having cat in the house and allergy in the same time will be big problem and his family makes fun about it. Jumpei also have one girl from his classmate that he loves, Kaede Mizuho, a girl who adore cat. However, one day he unfortunately broken by kicks an empty can and hit the local neko-jizo (guardian deity of cats) and gets cursed. Start from that day he undestand whsat are cat saying include his family cat. But in the same time he must fulfill 100 wishes from cats, if not, he will turn into a cat himself and die of his own allergy.



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