What is Moe?

If you’re anime fan, the word of Moe will be quite familiar with you… that word are one part of otaku term today, it will describe anything about cute or innocent girl, and to address the feeling to that character. But someone who hears the word moe will ask “is it new anime series?” and some says “what the hell is that!”… Some person who already being an otaku also keep asking what is moe. Some believe moe came from word “moeru” mean burning or glow, still didn’t get? Try read some below:

From Wikipedia:
… Strong interest in particular types of character in video games or anime and manga.

From AkibaWords:
Originally, “Moe” is used to express feelings of loving something- especially, when otaku is crazy about bishojo (cute ladies) characters, they say “Moe.” Sometimes, it can be used to show the sexual excitement.

Also you can look up this page:
International Saimoe League Forum – What Is Moe?
A lot of forum member’s opinion to explain what moe is.

There are no exact answers for moe, and it will be different by individual. It’s also depending to that character’s characteristics. Not all moe are cute, some of them are dressing modestly but in attractive and sexy way, they are pure and not acting like others person, some of them also are little bit clumsy. Anime nowadays also using moe as one of their attraction like Lucky Star, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and K-ON

Most character in K-ON! and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha have related with moe…

Katsura Hinagiku from Hayate no Gotoku, winner of most moe character in Internatinal Saimoe League for 2009

Easily, moe can define as the character that:
– You feel a close connection with that character
– Make your heart warm and fuzzy
– Mostly show her purity in any situation, mean their exact themselves

Before this, the term of moe are used in anime only, but after that are widely used to games and manga character. Today when people are talk about character that under age, people will attach it with loli-scene and some are associated with moe. However when one talked about moe, the image usually come is innocent and purity… something that not associated with the loli-scene.

Have interest to be moe, you can read this ‘manual’
Be a moe girl

Also for moe’s fan
International Saimoe League


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