Hayate no Gotoku !! (TV)

Hayate no Gotoku!! is the second season and finished aired at TV Tokyo at 18 September 2009. Compare with all Hayate’s series, the first season are still better and much funnier than this second season. Second season are more concentrated on development of their relationship… And more specific to certain character and some character are less in screen time. Most character that frequently seen others than Hayate is Hinagiku… even first ending theme in second season are fully with Hinagiku.

Hinagiku inside Hayate no Gotoku!! first ending, fully with moe~

One of the special of Hayate series is their narrator, by Wakamoto Norio… along my life, this is first time when I watching anime, I feel the narrator as a ‘life’ character, previously, most narrator I have hear are ‘flat’ and not talk as much as in this anime or some are just fulfill the requirement. It set by director of this anime to be noisier… Less speech of narrator in second season like I missing… or just my imagination… but the truth is I like the way of HnG’s narrator present their narrator task and in unique way. Also their censoring some word marking by (********) with bleeping sound, this also were not many seen lately especially in second season, I missed it, or maybe version that I receive is uncensored and not use for broadcast? Perhaps, actually they (HnG) have 2 versions, contain word censored (for broadcasting) and w/o word censored. But I more prefer with censorship, more fun than just directly saying that.

The First season of Hayate no Gotoku contain 52 episode by adaptation from their manga and after a year, second season are released with 25 episode, this 25’s of enjoyment are equal to half in first season, for me it’s too short and I expected will enjoy as much as first season. I wonder and still hope the third season will came out… It should be given.

My recommendation is watch first 25 episode for those want to understand well, watch first season until end also a good idea. You still can understand that story but by doing that, you will know well with each character, enjoy!


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