Hayate no Gotoku (TV)

Hayate no Gotoku is Plato’s Theory of… is another anime that I watched last semester. Anime that fully with romance, comedy, parody also one of my ‘most watching anime’ lists. With this tag that they convey, this anime also in my anime timetable during final exam, frankly it make me feel better by watching 3 or 4 episode after crazy final exam. You can try it.

Director by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, this story is about Ayasaki Hayate that is unlucky teenager who worked since childhood to end due the behavioral of irresponsible of his parent. Leaving with big gambling debt, his parents are planning to sell his organs to yakuza for pay back their debt. While running away from debt collector, he meets with Sanzen’in Nagi, very wealthy Sanzen’in estate. He plans to kidnap Nagi for gain profit for paying debt. But the way that Hayate approach are make situation more complicated, Nagi misunderstanding it and end with fall in love with Hayate, also hired hayate to become new butler.

During his profession he faced a blend of trouble especially related with chief of Sanzen’in butler, Klause also with Tama, white tiger that became Nagi pet and assume it as just a cat. In addition, this series contain parody of others anime, like Detective Conan, Gundam even Sailor Moon. Hayate no Gotoku furthermore have continued its series to second season and 1 OVA.


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