Cardcaptor Sakura – Catch You Catch Me – Live action VS Original version

Just remind back of funny old memory, I was searching the Cardcaptor Sakura’s live action OP 1 (Gumi – Catch You Catch Me), and find this video in youtube… frankly, this is one of most funny live action video that I have even seen also little bit annoying.

I’m already watching the live action last 3 years and it’s quite funny and awesome… The live action actually make by a group of guy (YES, it’s a guy, not girl!!) and dressing and make camera shoot near the original anime opening.

Until now, if I remind back in my head, I will laugh and laugh, non stop… ok, enjoy!!

Lyrics :

Aitaina Aenaina Setsunaina Kono Kimochi
Ienaino Iitaino Chansu Nogashite Bakari

Datte (Datte) Datte (Datte)
Tsubasa Hiroge Futari De
Sora O Marason Yume O Unison Shitai

Hora Catch You Catch You
Catch Me Catch Me
Kocchi O Muite Suki Da To Itte
Sou Nice to Meet You Good to See You
Watashi No Omoi Anata No Haato Ni
Tonde Tonde Tonde Ike
Ko I Shi Te Ru

I feel like to vomit something


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